Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lincoln and his cousins making a Gingerbread Man and some cookies.  Little did they know he would run out the front door and down the street.  We chased him all the way around our block but he was way too fast for us.

A few days later, Jonny and Stacy saw the Gingerbread Man, he was so fast that they chased them down with their car and Jonny reached out the window catch him!  They broke his leg and we went over there and ate him before he could run any more!

I think the Christmas tree, the train, and those beads motivated Sully enough to move and almost crawl.

We went to CA right after Christmas.  Here is Sully with his cousin Tofer.  

We rode the Heber Creeper to the North Pole!! Lincoln got his ticket punched by the conductor, he met Santa, and got a bell!!  Sully loved playing with Aunt Linsey.

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