Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013!!! I just picked a few highlight pics from our 2013 year, can't believe it's already over!!

Christmas Letter 2013

This is our Christmas tree this year; it takes up half of our living room (literally) but we love it anyways.  We usually cut our trees too tall, but this is the first time we over-estimated its width so bad:)  2013 was our third year of living in Utah; wow, has it really been that long? Wow.  We’ve enjoyed the year and we hope this letter finds you enjoying the holidays!  I’ll go ahead and try and do a mini family update:

Sully now talks plenty.  He is so fun and busy.  Poor Pilot, she doesn’t get as much attention from us any more but Sully sure keeps her on her toes.  Everywhere we go, people say things like “he doesn’t really sit still does he.”  He enjoys nursery and his Friday preschool days, and it’s a good thing we live by a train because he is the Choo Choo Train Industry’s biggest fan.  He still loves to climb and be on the table but we are (still) working on that:)  

Lincoln now goes over to his friend’s houses all by himself.  He is a big Kindergartener now; he rides the bus and everything!  He was ready for school and now he loves it; it seems that all of a sudden he is reading and writing words all by himself.  He and Sully have such good times playing together. Lincoln loves to swim and he’s getting pretty good.  He loves to launch model rockets and he looks up his own paper airplane designs on YouTube and makes them!

Lance, when he’s not launching paper rockets, he’s spinning friends and family in his refurbished space ball (all the while wishing he were in it).  So far, the missionaries were able to spin him the fastest.  He still works at the same place in Orem, but his job responsibilities have changed and he’s working on business development for a software company.  He is still my dream husband and wonder-dad; his boys adore and climb all over him.

I (Emalee) am very pregnant; we are due for our third boy next month, and sometimes I wonder how I’ll ever handle three boys (or maybe they wonder if they can handle me)!  I did a lot of pottery over the year and I was even asked to make a few custom orders; those were fun. This year I was so blessed to spend time with some of my family, especially with the visits from Angela and my mom.  BTW, Angela found her dream job; she is working as a veterinarian at a large and small animal clinic in Casper WY.  She is very good at what she does and she loves it.

Our family this year had a lot of fun.  We especially enjoyed the canoe trip with my family in Yellowstone; it was a fun, good-weather trip and everyone came back in one piece.  We did a little family camping trip this year to Mesa Verde; it was our first family vacation with just our little family and we LOVED it.  Thanksgiving was also another highlight; we got to have Thanksgiving with most of my family and most of Lance’s family all together!  Lance’s grandma Cleo even came and braved our 5-great-grandkid trip on the train to see the Salt Lake Christmas lights.  

We are looking forward to Christmas and the arrival of our new little guy.  Thank you all for all of your friendship, love, and support; we are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives. We wish you the very best and Merry Christmas!

Love the Wickhams.
Lance, Emalee, Lincoln, Sully, ______we still haven’t totally decided his name, (and Pilot).

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Jenny said...

I'm so excited for you to have three little boys! you're such a cute mommy!